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Why can’t I receive/ send money on cash app?
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Cash app is  developed by an app development company known as square inc and the app is popular among people in USA  and have  about 7 million of active users and provides one of the best and leading online payment services. It allow users to do online transactions in an effective, efficient  manner. In a very less time period, the app has became a necessary medium for online transactions and paying various monthly bills.  Many people use this app and finds it easy and simple to understand, but sometimes faces problems of why can’t I receive money on cash app and transferring it and pending payments issue is also faced by the user.

These issues can be solved by implementing right measures and there are also many reasons behind it. Pending payment issue can occur when the user’s money has been debited from account but the recipient has not received money and second reason can be there is no deduction of money from bank account of the user. The pending status is shown as failed after waiting for the payment transaction process to be completed in few minutes.  Due to pending payment issue, cash amount is also not credited and debited in the cash app.


There are various reasons listed below  for why  is my cash app payment pending

  • Unstable internet connection.
  • Server error from the end of the bank.
  • Debit or credit card has expired for making online transactions
  • Insufficient balance in the account
  • Usage of an outdated cash app
  • Any malware or virus in the device which is causing the payment to be in pending status
  • Account has been locked in a temporary manner.
  • Recipient is out of USA then transaction will fail and will remain pending.

So, these are some of the reasons why is my cash app payment is pending. Receiving of payments through cash app is shown in the activity feed. There are various options available like missing payment which refers to that payment has been sent to another email or phone number that is associated with the user. Refund of payment, cancelling a payment is not possible as  in cash app payments are done in instant manner and cannot be cancelled. International payments can also be done through cash app in US and UK countries. There is no fees charged  to send and request international payment in cash app.


Pending payment issue can be solved by implementing below given solutions-

  • To have a stable internet connection.
  • To have a sufficient balance in the account.
  • To regularly update the cash app.
  • To check the expiry date of the credit or debit card before making any transaction.

There is an issue which occurs that why can’t I receive money on cash app. This issue occurs due to missing payment which appears to be missing and has been sent to another email or phone number which is associated with the user. Money can be received on cash app through  the ways which are mentioned below-

  1. First to send a payment request
  2. Second to accept the incoming payment
  3. If the person has never send or paid the user through cash app, then the payment have to be accepted in pending tab. Then the payment is deposited automatically into the user’s account.


Pending payments can be accepted by following the below given steps-

  • Go to the cash tab and enter the required amount.
  • Then press the request button.
  • Note can also be entered for sending the request.
  • Then go to activity tab and press on accept option for pending payments.
  • Click on confirm and then on done option.


So, these are the steps which can be implemented for how do I accept pending payments on cash app. Sometimes, cash app money not showing up in the bank account due to missing payment that has been done to another mobile number or e-mail associated with the user.


Cash app  also provides service of  direct deposits which refers to that user can get the money in a direct way into their account. The direct deposit service is free of cost  to use. Direct deposit service of the cash app enables to access banking services for  the people who do not have access to banking services.  To check if the direct deposit is successful or not , following steps can be followed-

  • Log in into the cash app
  • Click on direct deposit option.
  • Check the direct deposit status by clicking on the eye icon.
  • Then the direct deposit status will be shown as pending, exception or successful.


Why is my direct deposit pending on cash app because the direct deposit initiated from the payroll department to the user’s bank account is in progress. Direct deposits declines sometimes due to incorrect account details entered and it requires 1to 5 working days for the  transaction to be reflected into the account. Direct deposits are also kept pending sometimes as it goes through the process which takes about 1 to 5 working days and if the cash app direct deposits fails then customer service support can be contacted for help.


Cash app is popular and leading online money transaction app in America. Most of the people use this app only for online transactions. Sometimes, the pending payments error occurs in the app and cash amount is not credited and debited in the account of the user. Reliable and efficient solutions are provided above for solving this error.


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